Quality and Sustainability to meet the challenges of global competition, technological innovation, the rapid evolution of the economic, commercial and social environment.

For a long time as a company we have set very high standards of quality and sustainability, and we want to keep them in all our processes.

Guidi has two certifications:

  •     quality certification ISO 9001: 2015
  •     environmental certification ISO 14001: 2015

which are monitored on an annual basis by external bodies. We believe that certifications are a real added value for both our customers and our employees.

In 2010 we have set up a photovoltaic panel park on the company factory roof: today the solar energy produced by these panels covers about 50% of our needs.

We have systems to dispose of our machine tool exhausted oil and to recycle the water produced by compressor condensation.

Safety training is ongoing, also because of the important investments made in recent years in new machinery: we are proud of the fact that the number of industrial accidents is very low.

We are also aware of the social aspect of our business: whenever possible we always privilege the suppliers of our territory, Valsesia. We are committed to partnerships with local Onlus and we sponsor a cycling team which is named after us.

We know the importance of our role as a company and we work to constantly improve working conditions and customer service, in the best respect of the environment we live in and that we want to help to preserve.

Since 2007 we communicate our image through art. Photography, painting, sculpture, architecture, theatre, music… any form of art can have its declination consistent with the fundamental principles of sustainability and environment. The intention is also to improve ourselves and the people around us by offering the opportunity to get closer to art: a synergy between culture, knowledge and innovation.

We supported art forms that use recycled materials, artworks with the task of enhancing environments and natural materials. We think that supporting art is not just an image operation: the different forms of interaction with artists introduced us in a network of high-level professionals in various areas, and the whole company is now benefiting from that. We have expanded our horizons, our knowledge, and our vision.

We can say that our growth path, not just numeric, has also been done through art. It is no coincidence that today many other companies, of various sectors, are embarking on this same venture.

This desire to pool knowledge and experience is also evident in the company’s strong commitment and efforts within the Nautica Italiana association, aimed primarily at identifying a platform of issues on sustainability, subsequently shared by all the other members of the association, to support the formation of groups of companies that might access European or national fundings.

The association wants to play a role in promoting the dialogue with organizations, firms and banks for the creation of financial and tax incentives for those companies that want to invest in sustainability, like for example the certification of contractors and subcontractors in the supply chain, the progress toward sustainable practices and materials, transfer of technologies, employees education and training on sustainability issues, the creation of a fund to help writing projects to access EU tenders.