GUIDI is founded on an efficient, consolidated structure that has allowed the company to make it through the toughest years of the economic crisis virtually unscathed.

guidi-since-1968The company will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018: no mean achievement in the dynamic, fast-moving nautical sector.

In 1968, Bruno Guidi founded the company in Valsesia and started producing hydraulic fittings.
Immediately afterwards came the encounter with the nautical sector, sparking a passion that remains very much alive to this day.

The company’s accessories rapidly gained a reputation for duration, safety and technology, and both production and customers increased rapidly.

In 1982, Guidi exhibited its products for the first time at the International Boat Show in Genoa, and in the Nineties it also began taking part in the METS in Amsterdam, as well as other trade fairs in the sector worldwide, from the USA to Australia.

guidi-prodotto-esposizioneThe new millennium saw the entry into the company of the second generation of the Guidi family, with Daniele and Alessandro, who today are the Quality Manager and Design Manager respectively. Their father Bruno, who founded the company, remains at the helm, his enthusiasm and energy untarnished.

Since 2007, GUIDI has also been channelling its corporate image through the medium of art, going down the fascinatingly original road of “industrial patronage”, collaborating with important contemporary artists from Italy and abroad.

The artworks in what has become the “Guidi Collection” are often exhibited in settings of particular prestige..

In the company, the Old and the New make a great team.

Our love of what we do, respect for customers, ethical values, drive for quality, refusal to compromise and attention to detail are the “old” part of our philosophy, which we have been adopting since the foundation of the company in 1968.

Guidi has been pushing relentlessly ahead into “new” territory since then, however, as is demonstrated by the thirteen patents obtained.

Product and process innovation is also confirmed by the recent investments made in the high-tech machinery recently introduced into the company, tailored to Guidi’s specific needs and designed to speed up production while maintaining the high standards of quality we have set ourselves.

At the centre of all this, however, what remains are the people that make up the company. guidi remains an “enlightened” family- run business, with a perfect balance between technology and the human factor, and where a handshake has the same value as the signature at the bottom of a contract.