Recap MTB: (a recap from the beginning of the 2022 season) Straight from the saddle, rather than from his armchair, a few words by Simone Concas, the President of the Guidi Rosas Bike Team.

The racing season began with the first stage of the 4Enduro Series circuit in Coggiola on 10 April 2022. After a three-year hiatus, the renowned circuit hosted the competition again and, on a sunny day with almost summer-like temperatures, our guys achieved excellent results.

In the Elite Master category, Filippo Masotti came 4th and Alessandro Ionfer 7th. In the Master 1-2 category, Andrea Grassi came 27th and Fabio Grotto 58th, while in the Master 3-4 category Michele Angeletti ended 2nd, Andrea Valsesia 15th, and Lorenzo Sorci 46th. Among the younger ones, Francesco Gardina came 9th in the Junior category, and Enea Concas was 36th in the male Allievi category.

The race also marked a great debut by Alessandra Concas in the female Junior category, who finished in 4th position.

After a one-month break, the athletes put their numbers back on the handlebars for the second stage of the 4Enduro in Valdilana. This time, weather conditions were challenging to say the least, and 2 out of 3 special stages were cancelled due to some heavy showers, reducing the race to only 1 special stage to be repeated twice.

Nevertheless, our athletes still achieved excellent results, with Filippo Masotti coming 1st and Alessandro Ionfer 6th in the Elite Master category, Michele Angeletti 4th and Andrea Valsesia 15th in the Master 3-4 category, and Francesco Gardina 15th In the Junior category.

Two events were taking place on 5 June: the third stage of the 4Enduro in Pogno, and the first stage of the Enduro World Series in Scotland, with Filippo Masotti competing in the latter.

In Pogno, in the final ranking on 2 special stage Alessandro Ionfer came 7th in the Elite Master category, Andrea Grassi 11th in the Master 1-2 category, and Andrea Valsesia 13th in the Master 3-4 category. Among athletes in the Junior category, Francesco Gardina finished 19th, and Alessandra Concas, who was competing in her second race ever, finished in 5th place. More bad weather hit the second part of the race, forcing the organisers to cancel the last special stage due to a heavy storm.

The new member of the Guidi Rosa Bike Team, at his debut, Perozzo Francesco finished 21st in the Beginners category.

In his turn, Filippo Masotti came 55th in the Enduro World Series in Scozia in the Men EWS 100 category.

This was his first race abroad, and while Scotland is usually a rainy land, Filippo was faced with sun and dust on the five special stages.

On 25 and 26 June, the Guidi Rosas Bike Team rider raced the third stage of the World Cup in Canazei, coming 48th. It was a very physical race, which reached considerable altitudes and was hit by a storm that resulted in one of the four special stages being cancelled.

Come on guys, the season continues!