Reviewed by us (an exhibition of art-therapy)

The expressiveness is really a natural feeling. Congratulations, these drawings are beautiful.

The hope is that it is not the age to stop the imagination …! Thank you.

The art knows no boundaries. Compliments.

It is amazing how much joy and spirit express these paintings.
These are some words left on the guestbook of the exhibition “Reviewed by us”, an event that we sponsored together with other companies in the area.

27 masterpieces of the history of painting seen through the fastasy and colours of the “girls” of the Piccola Casa per Anziani (Small House for Seniors) in Grignasco (NO) – Italy.

This series of drawings was born from a project that we started on 2nd October 2015 in the retirement home S. Vincenzo in Grignasco (NO). The idea involved a group of guests suffering from chronic, degenerative disorders. The drawings turned into real paintings and, before becoming the protagonists of this calendar, they were displayed in two beautiful exhibitions. Art therapy inside retirement homes leads to greater sociability among the guests, who spend their time actively and work on their negative emotions, such as the sense of alienation, that comes from living in a nursing home and the depression that arises from leaving behind their own life habits and environment. Art therapy is a particularly effective aid, it improves cognitive and mental abilities and contributes to a positive mood and inner peace.

Enrica Pastore, who runs the group of Art-Therapy, collects works and images related to this experience in a dedicated blog. For those wishing to follow the activities or get more information, this is the link: Verba Perdere

Here is the whole gallery: