Rive Rosse, first stage of the 4Enduro Series circuit, Sunday 10 March 2019.

Finally begins the 2019 Enduro season. The Guidi Rosas Bike Team is at the start of the first stage of the 4Enduro championship on the Rive Rosse trails (Roasio, VC).

Unlike last year, with a race made difficult by the cold weather and the snow, this year a good day of heat and sun made perfect the trails terrain conditions.

As often happens, the first races of the year are characterized by a high number of members and a high level of participants.

The presence of most of the best national athletes, who have chosen Roasio as a general proof of the winter work quality, gives even more value to our team results that also saw the debut of some new members.

Our Filippo Masotti starts immediately at the big end, finishing 10th overall and 2nd in his category, showing immediately the winter training fruits.
Great performance for the new and very fast team member, Alberto Stopani who finishes 17th overall and 3rd in his category just behind Filippo.
Alessandro Zanello‘s return is always welcome, finishing 108th overall and 24th in his category just before Andrea Valsesia, 112th overall and 14th in his category.
The other new team member, Mirko Roma, at his first enduro race and after some mechanical problems, ends the 62nd category and 245th overall.
Good news also among young people, in the junior category running on a shorter trail, with Francesco Gardina who finishes 26th overall and 6th in his category.

Next meeting on March 24th, Sunday, in Coggiola (BI) for the second stage of the 4Enduro circuit. The Enduro dei Lupi has always been our home race, we hope to continue on the excellent path of this season start.

Overall results
Junior results

Written by Davide Detratti, GRBT athlete. Currently supporter as he is engaged in a specialization for study.
Thank you to Luca Gianoglio and Barbara Ragazzi for the photos.