Here is the report on the “health” of our valves after seven years of testing onboard Comet 460, Daydreamer, YachtingNews editorial staff’s boat.

The test is positive since it shows data significantly superior to the performance of traditional valves and no problems were ever encountered.

Our valves are used for loading and unloading on Daydreamer, continuously opening and closing them, and, especially during the boat’s laboratory downtime periods, it could be verified their operation even after months of inactivity.

Daydreamer’s plumbing fitted with Guidi valves in 2015, is an old-generation shaft line, so its bilge is often wet. We had a good comparison point by observing common valves from other brands installed simultaneously with our under test: decidedly uneven comparison.

After seven years, the YachtingNews team can only confirm that all the Guidi non-stick valves are in excellent condition and the operation is always soft and smooth.
According to YachtingNews team, the result is that Guidi valves continue to make a difference. They also point out that, these valves, although slightly more expensive than traditional ones, safeguard the waterways of our vessels, and in our opinion, it doesn’t make sense to skimp on safety at sea !
Test Daydreamer TuttoBarche after 7 years 2024
Here is the test: click here to download