Silicone experience: 10 dishes for 10 emotions

Silicone experience, now the third for us! And every time a different emotion. A crescendo…

The silicone works made by Ciffo change their role in the various experiences:

  • first act, surface: 10 tablecloths for 10 tables
  • second act, support: 10 dishes for 10 dishes
  • third act, container: 10 dishes for 10 emotions

The raw material is seen as a profound dialogue. The ways consistencies, transparencies, different materials are interpreted, manipulated, presented: food and silicone. The works by Alessandro Ciffo and the Trio of Contraste (Matias Perdomo, Simon Press, Thomas Piras) have many points in common.

In this act, the contamination between their two different work environments is vivid, present, clear. The menu is created to amaze and excite and is the result of their personal and collective research.

Matias Perdomo’s cooking is not just food but a real journey into memory and emotions. Each dish tells a story to each of the guests and solicits them to get completely loose from preconceptions, from the influences of the gastronomic tradition or representation. Taste, amazement, memories.

Ciffo’s silicone evolves in the creation of wrappers, in the definition of the shapes that must be concrete and functional. The practicality of the form creates an illusions thanks to the material, the silicone, and becomes the access key for the experience. A figurative input that binds the tastes to the memory of the individual and allows him to get in touch with the emotional side of food.

Here is the third act of Ciffo and of the Trio of Contraste. We were able to tell the story of our own experience it this way; hard to find the proper words to describe our sensations. Why?

Simply said, because it was like being caught up in a whirlwind of emotions. An impetuous spiral that did not give us permission to leave. Such a tumult of tastes, perceptions, surprises, textures that, at some point, our five senses went nuts!


April 15th, 2018 at 20.00