A great opportunity last weekend for Guidi Rosas Bike Team guys to get back together, after the forced stop due to Covid 19.

Old glories together with new members met on trails around Borgosesia to “show off” their brand new 2020 uniforms, season actually never started.

A simple enduro mtb team race was the best occasion to spend one full day together and feel again the adrenaline boost given only by a time watch, always in respect of social distance.

We spent tough days when sports were of course put aside. However our athletes’ passion never died and they were all ready, well trained respecting our Government and Italian Cycling Association social distance rules.

Worst period should be now and it is now time to get back riding, waiting for news regarding current 2020 official racing season.

Big “thanks” goes to Lorenzo Sorci, Filippo Masotti and Alex Zampieri for trails preparation, but also to our President Simone Concas!

June 14th, 2020

Written by Davide Detratti, Atleta del GRBT.
Photos by Luca Gianolio, Atleta del GRBT.
We thank them heartily!