Statement by Guidi SRL about the “coronavirus” emergency

As to the emergency situation caused in Northern Italy by the COVID-2019 epidemic (so called “coronavirus”), Guidi SRL would like to point out that:

  • The company’s normal functioning is fully guaranteed at the moment.

Production never stopped and all regular activities are carried on with no particular issue. We underline that the company is able to implement “smart working” at any time, in case of need, so that each office will continue to operate regularly.

  • The company is located in an area which is quite far from those hit by the virus.

All Guidi employees and partners are obviously avoiding any trip to those areas, no contact with people coming from there was made, or is currently planned.

  • Internally, the company has already implemented a significant number of measures aimed at minimizing the risk:

employees were promptly informed about the situation and they must comply to a series of specific behaviours, based on guidelines given by national Health Institute (Istituto Superiore di Sanità).

  • The company is actively monitoring the situation

and is operating jointly with all involved institutions/players, public and private. The company will strictly comply to the decisions and measures taken by national and local authorities (Health Ministry, Piedmont Region etc…).

  • The company is fully aware of the situation and understands its seriousness,

but at the same time would like not to overdramatize its effects, that at the moment are nonexistent on the company and its activities.

  • The company is facing and will face this emergency in a serious and conscientious manner,

fully compliant with the highest safety standards, as it has always done over more than 50 years of activity.


CoronaVirus 2019 statement
Signed statement

Guidi srl
Quality & Sustainability manager
Safety manager
Daniele Guidi



Grignasco (Novara), 25th February 2020