A beautiful text written by Dr. Piera Mazzone to tell our future.

The company Guidi srl turns 50 and celebrates with an exhibition of children’s drawings to tell the future: What will I be when I’m grown up? At 50, I want to be a famous…

The sea in Grignasco: Guidi srl is a consolidated industrial reality of the territory – founded in 1968 by Bruno Guidi, who still manage it, assisted by his sons Daniele and Alessandro – produce accessories for boating, and has now consolidated its presence at international, it is considered a leading company on the world market, with an obtained recognition also thanks to the constant presence at the most important international exhibitions.

The impressive monograph created to celebrate the 50th, tells a story of high technology, sophisticated equipment, innovative projects, also testified by the thirteen patents, of which the last, the non-stick valve Alex, developed by Bruno Guidi, born in 2013 from the constant research to deepen the needs of customers to respond with increasingly personalized products.

On the territory Guidi also sponsors artistic activities addressed to different and original subjects: from the guests of the retirement home, who, through the photographer Enrica Pastore, have been involved in workshops and have produced works that have been printed and exhibited in a traveling exhibition on the territory, as well as reproduced in a calendar, to the children, to whom sheets and colour kits have been provided, leaving space to the imagination to tell how they imagine their future. “What will I be when I’m grown up? At 50, I want to be a famous…” is an exhibition promoted by Guidi srl, supported by the City of Grignasco, hosted in the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie di Grignasco (named old church), born from the desire to grow and love for art, dropped into a projection towards the future.

At the inauguration, Saturday, June, 9th was attended by the Mayor, Roberto Beatrice, and the Deputy Mayor Katia Bui, who introduced this new initiative that once again allows the old church to be re-opened to the public, but above all because it was born to celebrate an important anniversary:

The first fifty years of a productive activity that is a flagship for the Municipality of Grignasco, are the concrete demonstration of how the technical and entrepreneurial skills, together with a constant commitment and passion, allow to achieve important objectives, without however considering only the market and the economic side, but promoting art, social and environmental sustainability. The Guidi family proposes and shares a simple and honest lifestyle and the exhibition tells it through the language of children. The creator and curator, Enrica Pastore, photographer, was able to grasp the suggestions of the children who teach us that the world is in colour and so is the future, drawing their dreams, which thanks to Guidi can become reality.

The children who sent their drawings were very many: from children of a few months up to eleven years, enclosing writings in which they tell their dreams, so it was asked the company’s founder, Bruno Guidi, to tell what he will do when he grows up:

Every day I discover things to bring forward, new products to improve: the nautical world always needs new things, which will improve safety, so I will accompany my sons to the future, because I could not retire and every morning I do not see the time to go down to the factory, so I’m happy to have involved children who represent our future.

The Mayor underlined the importance of Guidi on the international scene, having seen what happens in the fringe exhibitions events and said he was happy about the next expansion of the factory: a gift for this fiftieth anniversary.

Bruno Guidi’s roots are in Goro (FE), where the Po melts into a large delta, which his family leaves in the terrible year of the great crisis: 1929. Bruno was born in Borgosesia and after the technical schools, in 1968 he began his activity in Bettole, as a craftsman company for the production of fittings. In 1978, Guidi expands its production in the nautical sector, the first water intakes and thru-hulls are launched and in the following decade the series of products dedicated to the nautical sector is extended, presented at the sector exhibitions, continuing to invest in new machinery and research. From the services to fishing boats and workboats, the activity in the pleasure boating sector is extended: functionality and durability are always combined with elegance.

As has been mentioned, Guidi is particularly attentive to the issue of environmental sustainability: it has adopted forests in the Amazon, in Nepal, in Haiti and in Senegal, to keep the green lung, take part in the cleaning of the oceans, because it looks ahead and knows that the heart is just a temporary loan, to be passed on to new generations.

Today the company has thirty employees, a second family for the founder:

It is thanks to this beautiful team that I have been able to achieve my goals: harmony and company growth are the result of the scrupulousness and precision of all.

Since 2008, on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the company, with a photographic book commissioned to the American artist Jill Mathis, Guidi has started a new path of modern patronage: #Guidi4all, was born to promote the company brand in an alternative way, obtaining results tangible, both in the works produced by the artists, and the unanimous appreciation they arouse:

Art, of any nature, can contribute to a greater understanding of the world and to an improvement in the quality of life.

The company collaborates with numerous Italian and foreign artists: boating and Guidi’s products are mixed with sculpture, design, photography and art, creating moments of strong communicative impact.

In 2011 Guidi promotes the photographic exhibition of Jill Mathis: Industria, exhibited at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, in 2012 begins the collaboration with the artist Alessandro Ciffo, who creates fading shapes with silicone, in the Sala delle Colonne, at the Palazzo della Meridiana in Genoa, the Mediterranean Table is exhibited. Love difference, project City of Art, Fondazione Michelangelo Pistoletto, while at the Boat Show is presented the work Red Net, by the Argentine artist Elizabeth Aro, who returned this year to Viareggio at the Versilia Yachting Rendez-Vous with Coral Branches. In 2013 the new exhibition project of Palazzo Ducale deals with the double theme of the rediscovery of the company roots, with the reproduction of the historical yacht produced by the Camuffo shipyards, entirely made of cardboard by Chris Gilmour, one of the most original and established English sculptors of the last generation, which realizes life-size works with recycled cardboard and glue, and the enhancement of the human capital of Guidi srl, through photographs of the hands of the workers and artisans at work, taken by the Texas photographer Jill Mathis.

In 2014 the new challenge concerns the ability to design the identikit of the future, starting from the present reality: the current production of Guidi srl is dedicated to the images of Jill Mathis, while to Marco Lodola, Italian artist who has made his light the main expressive tool, was entrusted with the task of creating a work able to project the dynamic vocation of the company created by Bruno Guidi: the artist imagined a motorboat of the future, a vector of light that seems to dart on the waves like a powerful electric wake.

The sculptor Valerio Tedeschi reproduced Guidi’s products in white Carrara marble. In 2017 Guidi srl is among the sponsors of the exhibition: Barnils, Capogrossi, Perilli, Pijuan Alfabeto segnico, curated by Alberto Fiz, in Milan, at Palazzo delle Stelline, and has also supported Alessandro Ciffo with the silicone amphoras of the collection: Murano 5.0, exhibited in Venice at Palazzo Michiel.

This unique collection of contemporary art is not jealously guarded in a vault, but is made available for exhibitions and travels around the world carrying a message of beauty and creativity, promoted by an Italian company.

A separate chapter is represented by the achievements of the photographer Enrica Pastore. The images of the project: When nature exaggerates. The story of a year long walk, first reproduced in the calendar, was then structured in a traveling exhibition, which was followed by the exhibition: Vanitas, the time, the silence and the ephemeral, photographic images, born of love for the Dutch painting of the seventeenth century, the Golden Age for Holland, Republic of the Seven United Provinces of the Netherlands, in which the still life was revitalized. In the precious catalogue, the written word and the photographic project have been amplified by unpublished quotes from poets, ambassadors and Dutch composers of the seventeenth century.

The exhibition of children’s drawings, inaugurated on Saturday, June, 9th will be open until June, 17th in the following times: from Thursday to Sunday from 15.00 to 19.00, but for visits in different days and times, you can contact the number 348 8001507.

Text written by Piera Mazzone