Here are the reports on our non-stick valves that collect the results of a four-season sea trial on board the Daydreamer, the lab-boat of The International Yachting Media staff.

During this period, they covered more than 15,000 miles between tests of all kinds, including races and very long summer cruises. In short, they didn’t go halfway and the valves they have installed have been really put through the mill.

The Guidi valves installed on the Daydreamer are of two types:

  • code 2260, Alex, a threaded non-stick valve with two opposite hoses and a 90-degree shutter.
  • code 2210, a valve equipped with a straight internal way that allows the passage of 100% of the liquids, internally equipped with a scale prevention system that prevents it from being blocked. It is also equipped with a safety stop.


Test Daydreamer TuttoBarche 2017 ENG
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Demonstration video made by The International Yachting Media staff: no effort to move the anti-block valves unlike traditional ball valves.