Two special events with Gallinea in a Franciacorta winery

The partnership between Guidi and Gallinea, a company from Palazzolo sull’Oglio (Brescia, Italy) that manufactures yacht accessories like windscreen wipers and electronic steering systems, recently took a perhaps curious, but definitely interesting turn.

The two companies, which have cooperated for some time now, developing joint projects and participating as partners in various trade fairs, organised two B2B events in a location that has very little to do with the yachting world: a Franciacorta winery!

On 23 November and 6 December, two working days (yes, people did work!) were held at the Contadi Castaldi winery estate in Adro (Brescia), a stone’s throw from Gallinea’s headquarters in Palazzolo. We are talking about the very heart of one of Italy’s most important wine-making districts: Franciacorta.

The main goal was to meet personally, in an informal setting, with selected groups of operators, mostly managers in charge of the technical and purchasing departments of leading boat builders: the November event involved the Azimut Benetti group, while the one held in December was with Ferretti Group.

The boat builders’ representatives, about thirty people in all, were presented with Gallinea’s latest product innovations. Guidi, on their part, provided updates and information on some key elements of their catalogue, such as the choice of materials (e.g. bronze vs. brass), product characteristics and performances in terms of durability, resistance, etc., as well as all topics related to sustainability, a path that Guidi has been pursuing for a long time.

The days, it goes without saying, also included a guided tour of the Contadi Castaldi winery, Franciacorta wine tastings, a lunch, and an afternoon visit to the nearby Gallinea headquarters.
All participants expressed their satisfaction with both the unusual and pleasant format of the events and the technical content of the presentations.
The organising companies, for their part, had the opportunity to meet face to face with very qualified interlocutors in a relaxed atmosphere – a far cry from the often stressful setting of trade fairs and boat shows, where time is never enough to enjoy truly in-depth conversations.
More events in an almost identical format will be held over the coming weeks with operators from other Italian groups: in a winery, we found out, everyone is much more eager to work! Too bad it can’t be done all the time…!