The Code of Ethics is the corporate document that acts as a Charter of moral rights and obligations.

It defines the ethical-social responsibilities and the principles that the individual conduct of those working within the Company – managers, executives, employees, external collaborators, stakeholders – must abide by.

Let us take a step back into our past.

Our choices have always been based upon the values that Bruno Guidi has been able to convey over the years.
Values that have been embraced and accepted by all the people that operate within the Company and revolve around it.
Values that have become a compass.

The compass.

These values, now outlined in the Code of Ethics, are meant to guide our choices, decisions, behaviours, and actions.
Just like a compass.
A compass that helps us in our relations with the markets where we operate, with the community where our walls stand, with the people who work with us, with our collaborators.
A compass guiding the vision of a Company which keeps growing together with the people that make it up.


Hence the need to have a Code to work, cooperate, and do things well.
To find a balance between regulations, systems, rules to follow, and the freedom to act while observing them.
A balance between ideas, insights, creativity and conscience, the responsibility for – and the awareness of – doing what is right.
A balance between decisions, deeds, and personal initiative, always respecting and taking into due consideration everyone.

We trust this compass, and we believe it will be able to guide us through the complexities of working life and help us achieve Balance, as expressed in the few lines above.


This is the PDF copy of our Code of Ethics.

In Italy, the Code of Ethics is governed by the rules on the administrative liability of legal persons, companies and associations, including those without legal personality, introduced by Italian Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001 231.