Guidi: innovation, quality, sustainability, art and ethical commitment.

The sea is the setting, the environment and the element in which the Guidi family has operated with ease for 50 years.

The sea, powerful ally of this industrial concern, is as demanding and as intransigent as a sharp-witted business partner.

At sea quality and safety are fundamental, as Bruno, Daniele and Alessandro Guidi, respectively founder, quality manager and head of project design, know full well.

In a backdrop as beautiful as the sea, the Guidi products: marine articles (entirely Made in Italy right from the start of the supply chain) become design protagonists, even if due to their functional use they are almost completely hidden away in the engine rooms or in the very souls of boats.

Approved water strainers, thru hull connections, water intakes, valves and pipe fittings are the one of a kind articles produced by Guidi which, if we allow ourselves to draw a parallel with the world of fashion, are just like the “collection pieces” of Prêt-à-Porter, ready to be displayed and admired in the most prestigious trade fairs and shows worldwide.

Thru hull connections, strainers and valves take pride of place on top of Bruno Guidi’s desk, like precious paperweights which would not look amiss as ornaments either in the offices of a lawyer in Manhattan or on the bookshelves of a banker in the City! Bruno, Daniele and Alessandro are passionate about quality but they are also enthusiastic about beauty which is welcomed ashore in art and sculpture. And so, we have collaborations with a network of artists: Jill Mathis, Chris Gilmour, Marco Lodola, Alessandro Ciffo, Valerio Tedeschi, Ada Negri, Enrica Pastore. Collaborations with Michelangelo Pistoletto and Elizabeth Aro.

As well as being modem businessmen the Guidis are also fascinating people. It is sometimes surprising to hear them describe a sculpture or an installation with the same passion and enthusiasm they use when talking about the articles they produce themselves; but don’t let yourself be taken in by their charm… To measure oneself successfully in a complex context like that of the global market, one must be both well-prepared and competitive, the Guidis – true sportsmen in their private lives – are exactly that!

Their constant research into excellence and the investments made in technology are recognised by the most important shipyards in the world; places which must be able in turn to guarantee the highest comfort to demanding and up to date boat owners, and is made possible thanks to quality components which have been tested and approved.

To conclude, we must not forget the concern for the environment expressed in all stages of production and through the presence of photosensitive panels, the disposal of oil used by machinery and the re-use in the production process of water formed from the condensation created by compressors.

Surrounding them is the natural beauty of the Valsesia countryside and on the horizon, there is always the sea!

Written by Marco Poli (Editor-in-chief of the magazine Fashion Illustrated)
Issue 3 of Portofino Yacht Club Magazine – April/May 2018
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