An important aspect of our work: the shipment of the products we manufacture.

As always, our goal is to do things well to ensure the full satisfaction of our customers.

Therefore, also in this phase, we pay particular attention and care in packaging, labeling, preparation of pallets or boxes so that the products are not damaged or lost during transport.

When leaving our warehouse goods are perfectly intact and well packed in boxes with the Guidi brand, made with the appropriate thickness according to the content.  Packaging tape is also Guidi branded. Pallet shipments are wrapped in a white protective film with labels for quick and easy understanding of the destination address.

Under the white film, the pallet looks like this: with Guidi branded boxes, labeled by product. The boxes are lined up on the pallet to be perfectly stable, preventing them from being damaged. A rigid cardboard lid is inserted above the boxes to protect the entire pallet. The lid is then strapped before the white protective film.

In case you receive a shipment with a different packaging and/or with possible damage to the packaging itself, we ask you to write it down on the bill and take a photograph of the goods. A photo of the damaged, opened or broken packaging could be very useful as a support to your report. If necessary, you can also write accepted with check reserve on the transport document and duly report the issue you found.
This must be done on the paper shipping label of the transporter or, if supplied by an express courier, on the palmtop where they note the name of the person who received the goods.
Immediately we ask you to report it to us as well, attaching images if possible.
In this way it is possible to request a damage refund. This is the procedure required by law: it is customer’s responsibility to check the goods upon delivery (number of packages and their appearance).

Our sales department is at your disposal for any further clarification.
We thank you for your precious help, useful for constantly growing and improving our service.