Art and product: on our 50th anniversary a VYRV dedicated to creativity and concreteness.

Here we are, to sum up after the second international exhibition dedicated to high-end boating. The event has seen important presences of world shipbuilding and accessories manufacturers. More than 170 companies have exhibited in Viareggio from 10th to 13rd May 2018.

We went on stage with a very original stand. The actors: four major Italian companies. In addition to Guidi, Mase Generators, Tecnoseal, Veco.

A combination of boating, art, design where there is no lack of the social side with aperitifs exciting and entertaining inside our stand.

We met professionals, enthusiasts and lovers of the sea. We talked about work and offered visitors the beauty of an artwork by Elizabeth Aro: Coral branches.

In our seas, coral is one of the most endangered species; we at Guidi are committed to raising awareness and supporting the preservation and restocking of this beautiful creature (this is another tale and we’ll tell you soon!).

Elizabeth Aro is a very talented Argentinian artist. She defines itself as a visual artist. She loves to use sculpture and photography elements, as well as drawings and videos, to create multimedia installations. The artistic purpose is to explore objects and research the poetic space and alternative ways of perceiving culture and society.

In recent years, Elizabeth has dedicated herself to a series of works inspired by the circulation of blood and the way in which energy moves within the human body.

Elizabeth was with us in our stand for the whole day of May, 10th. In a pleasant performance, she made some watercolour painted coral branches to give to everyone present.

Coming back from this beautiful and rewarding experience, the first exhibition of the year, we are happy to say that the expectations are good. The economic indicators of the first part of the year are positive, orders are on the rise.

In short, the goals that are committing us:

  • we continue our journey on the path of innovation. A detailed analysis and a review of production processes are underway to optimize production phases
  • we are changing the warehouse organization to exploit all the available spaces and speed up the logistics.
  • the internal communication project is growing to evaluate and improve employees’ needs and proposals. We are starting to implement the first proposed changes.
  • every day a new step on the path of the objectives of Agenda 2030. We tell each of these steps in our blog.
  • celebrate is good. In small doses we are celebrating our birthday, slowly getting ready for the big party. The 50 years come only once!

We thank all the collaborators who have worked with us for this VYRV and who work with us every day.
We thank the companies that have exhibited with us: union, sharing, growth are the strength of the group.
Thanks for everything to everyone.