Vanitas. The time, the silence and the ephemeral is a photographic project by Enrica Pastore.

The entire project of 23 images is present in the Guidi collection.(*)

Vanitas… this is the name given to still life paintings that, with refinement and thin symbols, allude to the theme of the caducity of life, to the ephemeral condition of existence, to the passage of time and to the temporariness of earthly goods. This type of painting emerged in the Dutch Golden Age, which encompasses most of the 17th century.
In these images, it goes from man’s relationship with inanimate material things, seen in their conventionally attributed sense, to an idea of featured objects and signifiers, symbols and values that take on the same importance as a human figure in the painting.

Enrica Pastore

A book, published in Italian and English, where the phases of the project are told together with the stories of the 23 works, enriches the project.
From November 2017, the book is stored in the two languages among the books available at the Rijksmuseum Research Library in Amsterdam.

Project official website:

(*) Link to the event (Food Design Week in Venice)