“Message in a bottle”: Guidi’s commitment to protect the sea.

Recyclable materials instead of plastic: at the Versilia Yachting Rendez Vous the company promotes a sustainable business culture.

From the London of the late 70s to the Viareggio dock, exactly forty years after, the jump is remarkable. However, there is a common thread and the message is contained in a bottle. Indeed, in many bottles.

The Guidi srl‘s participation at the third Versilia Yachting Rendez Vous (Viareggio 9-12 May 2019) could in fact go under the title of Message in a bottle, famous song written by Sting for The Police and released in 1979.

The company of Grignasco (No) specialized in the production of bronze, brass, chrome-plated, nickel-nickel and aluminum accessories – non-stick valves, water intakes, thru-hulls, water strainers and fittings for boating – embarked on the sustainability road long ago and also in Viareggio they wanted to promote their corporate culture focused on environmental responsibility and protection.

The VYRV Guidi’s booth (Darsena Europa, G 04-05-06, F 06), shared with the Grosseto-based company Tecnoseal (cathodic protection), was in fact conceived as a seabed where hand-drawn real creatures coexist, reluctantly, with plastic creatures made with those bottles that unfortunately infest seas and oceans around the world.

The message that Guidi wants to launch is It’s a global message in a bottle: buy your bottle for life, shown on a cube where a 4Ocean bottle is displayed – 4Ocean is an organization engaged in the waste removal from the sea – and another bottle where anyone can leave a message.

Guidi, 4Ocean partner already in other projects, takes the opportunity to encourage the use of reusable stainless-steel bottles, in line with a production philosophy that wants to reduce and possibly eliminate waste and pollution, maximizing the use of recyclable materials.

On the booth, of course, there was also a selection of Guidi products, which over time have consolidated their reputation for reliability, functionality and durability.
In Guidi they choose with great care both the suppliers and the materials that go into the manufacturing of their products, all designed, developed and produced internally, at the end of a process in which all the steps are strictly followed.

The product life cycle is constantly monitored by the company and the results of its analysis are used in the Research & Development phase for the new item design.

The VYRV is a further stage in the journey we started a few years ago, with conviction and enthusiasm: we believe that business development and respect for the environment can go hand in hand and indeed the latter can accelerate the former. In Viareggio we want to firmly confirm our principles as well, thanks to the excellent results we have had so far.

declares Daniele Guidi, Quality & Sustainability Manager of Guidi Srl.

Versilia Yachting Rendez-Vous 2019

Press release. Viareggio (Lu), 9th May 2019
Guidi Press Office: Riccardo Masnata