Daniele Guidi interviewed by Maurizio Di Maggio, a well-known DJ on Radio Monte Carlo, during the Versilia Yachting Rendez-Vous.

This is the first edition of the fair organised in Viareggio by Fiera Milano, in collaboration with Nautica Italiana (the sector business association Guidi belongs to) and the Technological District for the Nautical Industry and Ports in Tuscany.

The event is based on an original formula that brings together outstanding Italian elements in a variety of areas other than the nautical industry, such as design, cuisine, art and fashion, and Guidi’s presence is also far removed from the traditional, static concept of attendance at a trade fair.

The company has also engaged other top names in the Italian nautical accessories sector, who have joined Guidi in a shared exhibition, created along with Mase GeneratorsTecnoseal Srl and Veco Spa(Darsena Europa TS 57-59 / 61-63) opens out towards the quay of the port of Viareggio, where the four brands will be presenting their flagship products together.

The concept this original approach is based on is to encourage an exchange of ideas among professionals – Guidi has in fact recently developed an anti-fouling kit in collaboration with Tecnoseal – and to boost contact with visitors to the event, which include not only operators in the sector, but also simple sailing and sea aficionados.

At VYRV, Guidi will of course be displaying the bronze, brass, aluminium and nickel and chrome-plated accessories the company produces, including non-stick valves, seacocks, thru-hulls, water strainers and hydraulic fittings.