Considerations on some vintage Guidi filters.

If there is one thing that we have never really been able to do in over fifty years of activity, this is the so-called planned obsolescence.

We are talking about that industrial strategy for which a product is studied, designed and built having already in mind to limit its use to a specific period of time.

The reason is simple to understand: doing so a new product can be placed on the market knowing it will be soon replaced, increasing profits. In certain sectors, such as consumer electronics or information technology, this practice is now well established, but also in mechanical field.

Guidi products, even if always innovative, have a fundamental characteristic: they last a long time.

Even too much, someone would say.

The reason is quickly explained: we build them with care and attention, using advanced technologies and reliable materials, starting of course with bronze.

It is no coincidence that the Latin poet Horace in the Odes wrote that his verses would be more lasting than bronze, aerial perennius, signifying the immortality of his compositions.

All of these considerations came to our mind when looking at the vintage filters you see in these images, which certainly look marked by the passing of years but which are still fully functional (they are 30-35 years old).

We wanted to photograph them together with some flowers, a symbol of beauty but also of extreme transience. We played a little on the contrast between industry and nature, durability and ephemeral, concluding that time is in the end perhaps the most precious value to be preserved in the world we live.