What’s been said about us…

…a selection of comments on us, our work and our passion for arts.


Si tout le monde était aussi sérieux et compétent que vous dans le nautisme la vie serait encore plus belle!
JP. C. - Customer – France
We always tell everyone you guys go above and beyond for service.
G.B. - Customer - U.S.A. Florida
When thinking of marine accessories, I can only think of Guidi. They are by far the highest quality accessories on the market. We use all products exclusively and could not be happier. In addition to quality, they are one of the easiest companies to deal with and their professionalism could not be matched.
G.B. - Customer - U.S.A. Florida
È per noi un onore rappresentare un'azienda, fiore all'occhiello del nostro Made in ltaly, che ha saputo in un momento ancora così complicato del nostro Paese investire non solo in nuovi macchinari e tecnologie ma anche in nuovi mercati esteri esportando i propri prodotti.
Gianmario Mandrini - Presidente API Novara e VCO – Italia
È il Signor Guidi che bisognerebbe ringraziare per ciò che è riuscito a creare a beneficio proprio e della collettività (circondandosi di collaboratori sicuramente validi). Aggiungiamo, inoltre, l’aspetto mecenatistico a favore dell’arte che lo rende persona di spessore. “Capitani” così ce ne sono sempre meno.
N. L. - Follower – Italia
We received the cargo yesterday. Thank you for your cooperation. We also received the catalogue from Chris Gilmour and Jill Mathis exhibition. Thank you for sending us. The connection of industry with art which in other words may be the connection of our daily life with creativity is a notion which advances the quality of our existence. It was very nice to read Mr. Guidi notes where he indicates that our final purpose of our daily struggling is to create better human beings.
P. K. - Customer - Greece
You guys are the best as always.
G. & B. B. - Customer - U.S.A. Florida
Guidi is very great company to work with.
M. S. - Customer - United Arab Emirates
Quick, honest and respectful responses do. We are in a business where people are slow, lie and rude. So it is nice when I hear from people who are happy, that make my day better!
J. W. - Customer - U.S.A. Florida
Estuvo bien hacer negocio con usted.
F. M. - Customer - The Netherlands
I am very impressed with your fast service with this order.
N. V. - Customer - South Africa
J’aimerais bien que tous nos fournisseurs seraient si organisés!
E. O. - Customer - France
I wish that more suppliers were so quick with answer.
J. V. - Customer - The Netherlands
Come sempre efficaci anche nei confronti dei piccoli clienti.
G. B. - Customer – Italia
Thanks very much for the good service!
R. V. - Customer - The Netherlands
Merci beaucoup pour votre rapidité!
A. N. - Customer - France
Du bist die Beste!
A. F. - Customer - Germany
It is a pleasure working with you.
C. R. - Customer – Denmark
We are glad to have Guidi as partner.
P. V. - Customer - The Netherlands
E meno male che c’è il vostro filtro! Andiamo avanti così…
R. T. - Customer – Italia
You have proved your commitment to high quality both in production as well as service and in lean years like those we are all experiencing, you are simply being awarded.
G. P. - Customer - Greece
Congratulations for 100% in delivery performance.
A. O. - Customer - Germany
Thank you as ever for your fantastic support and wonderful products.
R. C. - Customer - New Zealand
Both our warehouse and our customers are really happy for your packing and labelling.
P. D. - Customer – Norway
You are our preferred partners for new projects. You have already achieved a high level of performance and continue to work on maintaining and improving this.
D. - Customer – Germany
We are very happy to have found your company.
M. F. - Customer – Germany
Vous êtes formidable!
H. L. - Customer – France
Your best delivery is really really good! The best of all our suppliers!
F. V. - Customer - The Netherlands
You are amazing!!!
J. W. - Customer - U.S.A. Florida
We are very happy with the service provided. We are very pleased to work with you!
G. O. - Customer - Belgium
Thanks for your always very kind approach. Im sure your approach brings you blessings both in business and in family life!
P. D. - Customer - Sweden
Al caro Guidi una forte pacca sulla spalla: se la merita come imprenditore e ora anche come "mecenate". Nautica e arte, imprenditoria e cultura. Bravo!
E. N. - Giornalista, armatore e marinaio - Italia
Super vos réalisations. Vous devez savoir que nous avons étés sponsor du Marché d'Art Contemporain de Martinique qui regroupait tous les peintres et artistes de la Caraibe pendant une quinzaine d'années...
P. C. - Customer - Martinique
He recebido la excelente monografia con motivo de los 40 años de la empresa. Quiero felicitarlo por la trayectoria de su empresa que, sin lugar a duda, es gracias a su esfuerzo y voluntad. Esto lo sé de muy cerca, pues mi Padre asì tambièn lo hizo en Argentina, “egli è nato a Ferrera di Varese, vicino a te”.
C. P. - Customer - Argentina