When nature exaggerates

When nature exaggerates, that is the story of a year long walk, is a photo project by Enrica Pastore.

When nature exaggerates is a project we supported in 2015 and of which we have 23 works in our collection.

Many organizations supported this project which consists of more than 300 photographs. We at Guidi consider it very important for the enhancement of our territory and the preservation of nature.

The photographer spent an entire year walking in the nature of the Geopark of Valsesia and Val Grande discovering and photographing every detail, every minutiae that we often miss.

When we go walking in the mountains, in the woods, through the meadows, we don’t even try to find out the beauty, elegance and perfection of the small things around us. Those small things want and deserve to be observed.
Enrica Pastore

Official project website: https://www.enricapastore.photos/progetti-la-natura-esagera