…for the 2024 racing season

Fall and part of winter, which means the months from November to mid-February, have always been an important period for our athletes’ preparation.

Supported by specific trainers, they face training tables that include both bike rides and weight training in gyms.

In fact, it is important to strengthen the muscular apparatus of the upper body since in the discipline of enduro-mountainbiking it plays an important role in controlling the bike during the special trials’ stages.

For this reason, the winter period, even though many times it goes unnoticed, plays a basic role for the following season because it represents the training that prepares for the racing season.
Regarding what the next season will be, we can anticipate that a new athlete will join our team: Nicholas Zanotel, born in 2006, junior category, already known in the national scene for having hit many podiums in his career.
Niki will join Filippo and Emilie in both national and world cup competitions.

Stay tuned, this is gonna be good!