Enrica Pastore

Enrica Pastore

Enrica Pastore was born in 1973. She lives and works in Grignasco where she deals with photography and graphics.

She has been enthusiastic about photography since she was a child. That kid curiosity turned into a true passion thanks to her parents. She started taking pictures when she was 5, using a toy camera.

At the time she didn’t mean to create memories and to stop moments of time, that was just a game to her. Then the game became a passion and she started studying. She attended the academic course of photography at the Mohole school: Digital Art & Communication in Milan. She continued her studies with Marianna and Ilaria Santoni, with Anka Zhuravleva, Elisabetta Rosso, Sergio Ramazzotti and she worked with the photographer Mario De Biasi.

Enrica is particularly passionate about photographing the details, the little things, the nuances, the colours. All those details that are commonly overlooked. The themes of time and its flow and of nature and its evolution are dear to her.

In the company Guidi, she deals with marketing and digital communication, sustainability and corporate CSR, photography and graphics.