Sergi Barnils

Sergi Barnils was born in 1954 in Bata, the capital city of Equatorial Guinea. He lives and works in between Barcelona and Sant Cugat, Spain.

The Barnils family returned to Catalunya when what had been a Spanish colony became a province of the Gulf of Guinea in 1956. Sergi Barnils revealed a talent for drawing at a very young age, and pursued his vocation as a painter with great determination. While working in his father’s ceramic factory, from the 1970s, he frequented the studio of painter Nolasc Valls and, from 1988, the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona, and it is at this time that colour began to play a key role in his art. Barnils began painting full-time when the family closed their ceramic factory in the early 1990s. His artistic vocabulary had reached full maturity in the meantime, and his work, initially influenced by the principal currents in contemporary art, began to take on a truly personal form.

Through geometric symbols involving use of colour, the keys to his painting, Barnils condensed his most intimate reflections on human nature in his images: his works, and above all his joyously festive colours, give off an intense sentiment of celebration of the beauty of life in all its forms and states. After his first solo show at Maravia Gallery in Tordera in 1980, an uninterrupted series of solo and group shows brought his work to galleries and museums all over Spain: Barcelona, Girona, Majorca, Zaragoza, Logroño and Madrid.

In the 1990s Barnils began exhibiting his work in Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands. His works were first presented in Italy in 1996 with an exhibition at the Spirale Arte Gallery in Milan. In the same year Barnils won the International Painting Prize in Tossa de Mar (Girona). His exhibitions include solo shows at Palazzo Racani Arroni in Spoleto in 2002 (La morada Inmutable), Doxologies at Maragall Gallery in Barcelona; in 2007 he exhibited at Palazzo Pretorio di Castell’Arquato (PC), and in 2008 at Museo del Complesso dei Disciplini in Clusone. In 2009 Barnils was invited to hold a solo show at Museo di Palazzo Principi in Correggio. In 2011 he exhibited in a number of galleries in Italy and Spain, but the most important events of the year were the anthological show Envers la Ciutat Esplendent at Fundacion Caixa Terrassa in Barcelona and the solo show Maragda at Marcorossi artecontemporanea Gallery in Milan. He held solo shows in Turin and Verona in 2012, in Pietrasanta in 2015, and in Asiago in 2016, and his work appeared in several group shows, in Florence, at MACBA in Barcelona and in Australia. In 2017 he held the solo shows Maran Ata at Espai Volart of Fundaciò Vila Casas in Barcelona and Revelaciò at Palazzo Anguissola Cimafava in Piacenza, Italy.

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Sergi Barnils
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