Love difference: Marco Bovio

The event that took place at the Palazzo della Meridiana in 2012, which saw the exposure of the table Love Difference of Michelangelo Pistoletto, has captured a very significant moment for us and for all the participants: the presentation of Marco Bovio and his artistic work.

Marco Bovio was born in 1968, and since 1977 has been living at the Domus Laetitiae care centre (*). He suffers from tetraplegia, a paralysis of the four limbs and of the torso. Associated to this pathology is a phonation disorder, therefore Marco is not able to speak, but he communicates through his eyes and by mean of a communicator (a tablet), controlled by a cursor on his forehead. Marco started painting in 1982.

Once upon a time man believed he was the centre of the universe, and that the sun, the stars and the planets revolved around him. His was a small universe, limited, but man was not aware of this, because it was all he knew. Only when he finally was able to see beyond the limits of his perception he discovered he was part of an incredible, surprising, infinite universe.
In the same way each of us is the centre of our own world, a world made of ideas, of habits, sometimes of preconceptions. A world that provides us with a sense of safety, and whose boundaries are often made up of the distrust towards what is different, what does not belong to us, what we don’t understand.

Any difference, whether is cultural, physical or cognitive, implies a differently rich perception of the world. The communication of difference, through difference, enriches us at a cultural, emotional and human level, broadening our horizons.

We cannot contain the whole of the universe on our own, each of us can only contain a fragment, irreplaceable and unique, which nonetheless can be shared. The important thing is to find a way, a mean, a common language. Whatever it may be.
Communication is the only possible tool to mediate, to widen our boundaries, to see the richness hidden in what is ‘other’. To discover once again that we belong to a universe who is infinitely varied, infinitely beautiful, infinitely amazing.

Anna Fileppo, Barbara Diana

With special thanks to Marco

Tulipani di Marco Bovio
“Tulipani” by Marco Bovio

(*) The social cooperative Domus Laetitiae, the heir of a former organization active since the early years of the 19th century, has taken on its present form in 1964. The cooperative provides services for the assistance and rehabilitation of children and adults suffering from various forms of disability. Today it employs 125 workers serving about 400 families, with an annual turnover of about 5.5 million euros. Domus believes in the value of difference, and works towards the promotion, the deinstitutionalization and social integration of people who are different.