Maria Teresa Pascarelli, born in Chambave (Aosta), has lived for many years in Grignasco.

She studied life drawing and etching. For six years, she attended the lessons of Maestro Renzo Roncarolo at the Institute of Fine Arts in Vercelli, studying oil and watercolour techniques and obtaining a diploma in painting and decoration.

Maria Teresa is a local artist and also a dear friend. Her characteristically calm demeanour comes through in her paintings and in the subjects she likes to portray.

In our collection, we have a series of oil, watercolour and pastel works inspired by the landscapes of our area, from the rice fields to the mountains.

Different techniques to illustrate not only the Valsesia, because Maria Teresa Pascarelli paints from the heart and soul: her native Aosta Valley, the vine-covered hills of Grignasco, the mountain pastures of the Valsesia, the Sesia River, which, after gathering up the mountain streams, ventures down towards the plain of Vercelli to pay homage to the grand river that breathes life into the “waterlands”, the rice fields with the chambers separated by slender embankments in which the sky is reflected in the water. These are the landscapes we find in the images collected during her daily trips to Vercelli to attend the lessons of Maestro Renzo Roncarolo, the unforgettable Pimpi, at the Institute of Fine Arts.

Maria Teresa Pascarelli also captured the magic of Lake Orta with the island of San Giulio, evanescent as the Isola non trovata, the “unfound island” in the song by Francesco Guccini; elusive, almost like Ithaca, in the verses of the Greek Constantine Cavafy, which make sense of a lifetime-long journey to reach the island.

Piera Mazzone

In her paintings, Maria Teresa illustrates the cycle of life and of the seasons: winter, with the snow and the leafless trees stretching their branches up to the sky, a prelude to rebirth, with more intense, vibrant colours. The collection also includes a number of classic still-life works: vases of flowers from her garden, an ideal homage to the most beautiful, colourful, fragrant blooms.