Five defibrillators for the benefit of the population of Grignasco, for a cardio-protected town.

Following a request from the Municipality of Grignasco, we joined the project: Heart in Common, conceived and promoted by an Italian company specializing in the field, the Italian Medical System.

Entrepreneurs will be able to help in a concrete way an initiative that will improve the security of the whole community, we trust in their sensitivity.
Roberto Beatrice, Mayor of Grignasco

The awareness campaign involved businesses, shops, and individuals in the purchase of medical equipment now available to the community. In the end, there were 48 sponsors who supported the idea.

Thanks to the contributions, Grignasco has received five semiautomatic emergency defibrillators located at some of the town’s strategic positions.

With these latest generation equipments, it is possible to intervene immediately in the event of a cardiac arrest.

Every day, in Italy, there are 160 people who are suddenly affected by heart attacks. They are healthy people of all ages: adults, the elderly, the young and the children. In these cases, the presence and good use of a defibrillator increase the survival chances by 30%. [from Heart in Commons website]