Guidi helps African Countries through “race = care” project.

July 3rd, 2021

Together with Andrea Fantini’s Class 40, Guidi also wants to support the race = care project of the solidarity sailing team, going at sea to “help those in need”.

The Class 40 will then navigate bringing this logo between Europe and Central America.

Let’s see in more detail what it is.

race=care is a solidarity sailing campaign whose goal is helping those who help, sailing to draw the attention on cooperation and development projects that need human and financial resources to work out.

The mission is a double challenge: sportive and supportive. The name of this project already expresses the concept, as “race” is the anagram of “care”, the winning synergy to convey solidarity messages through sport as well.

The first collaboration of the race = care team is with CUAMM – Doctors with Africa. Since 1950, the University College Aspiring Medical Missionaries has been working in sub-Saharan countries alongside local health operators, both with training activities and with the creation of structures for the protection of the right to health for all.

More in detail, race = care supports the following initiatives:

  • Mothers and children first, 1000 of these days” to ensure nutritional support and health care, a project that helps women and children in African villages for their first 1000 days of life, from the beginning of pregnancy to the second year of life of the child, with particular attention to the nutritional theme.
  • A vaccine for us”, as Covid 19 has further weakened the already fragile African health systems. Just like in Italy, doctors, nurses and health workers are the most exposed to the risk of contagion in Africa. Vaccinating them, together with the African population, is an act of solidarity and security for all.

The race = care team is composed by Luca Del Zozzo, an expert engineer and navigator with the participation to a Mini Transat and many regattas in the Ocean and the Mediterranean, and by Luca Rosetti, an athlete at the 2019 Transat, also sailor and experienced yachtsman. A key aspect of this project is its continuity over time, allowing other sailors to join the team for the next Transat campaigns but also to bring race = care and its solidarity purposes to other international regattas’ fields.

Guidi was present at the event “Sailing and solidarity. The route for a better world” organized by race = care in Rimini on July 3rd.