Elizabeth Aro with Red Net

At the 53rd edition of the International Boat Show in Genoa, we decorated our stand with a work made by Elizabeth Aro, the Red Net.

This work Red Net was created in 2007 especially for the show Take me with you. Fundacion Loewe curated by Amelie Aranguren, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid.

For us, the net represents a link with our world, the sea. The history of fishing is intimately linked to the evolution, customs and culture of the human being. Fishing is not just a way to get food, but also passion, patience and perseverance. Sometimes nets are used incorrectly or forgotten or abandoned, putting the marine natural balance at risk.

In this instalation, Elizabeth Aro analyses the appearance of cheating or deception, using a structure of an entangling net which is as delicate as consistent. With this, it shows a psychological dimension, thanks to the formal behaivour of the fabric used. The process of the spatial occupation of filaments gives the whole work a sense of internal rythm, which arises some plots suspended in the air and the anamorfic shapes on the surface.

Images credit: Enrica Pastore

October, 2013